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We offer a completely independent design consultancy service to find out what’s best for you. So if you’re struggling to decide on a design, colours or even just where to begin with your home, then we can help!


You can be assured that we will recommend the very best options for you rather than being constrained by a particular brand. 


Our designer and consultant, Jen (@halfpaintedhouse), will walk you through the entire process. Jen has years of experience of interior design working with many brands, clients and styles. 


For £225 you will get a one-to-one video consultation, (up to 40 minutes) and then afterwards you can have Jen create you either a moodboard or a sketch of a possible solution based on what was discussed. 


So if it’s trying to decide on a paint colour, how to best use a particular area of a room or where to even start in your home get in touch here to find out more and book your appointment. 

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